MEMO at Kalamazoo!

International Congress on Medieval Studies  
(The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University)     swans

2016 Sessions and Events

  • Thursday—May 12, 2016—1:30pm—Bernhard 208
  • Revisiting Daventry or King’s Quest for Teaching Guests: A Pedagogical Video Game Workshop
  • Organizer: Carol L. Robinson, Kent State University—Trumbull
  • Presider: Brent Addison Moberly, Indiana Univ.—Bloomington
    • A workshop with Kevin A. Moberly, Old Dominion Univ., Jessica Dambruch, Old Dominion Univ.; Peter Byrne, Kent State Univ.—Trumbull; and John McLaughlin, East Stroudsburg Univ.
  • Thursday—May 12, 2016—3:30pm—Bernhard 208
  • Digitally Teaching the Middle Ages: Case Studies (A Poster Session)
  • Organizer: Carol L. Robinson, Kent State University—Trumbull
  • Presider:Pamela Clements, Siena College
    • Teaching with King’s Quest Part I (Kevin A. Moberly, Old Dominion Univ.)
    • Teaching with King’s Quest Part II (Jessica Dambruch, Old Dominion Unv.)
    • Game Theories and Teaching Medieval Literature (John McLaughlin, East Stroudsburg Univ.)
    • Teaching with Lord of the Rings Online (Carol L. Robinson, Kent State Univ.—Trumbull)
    • Role-Playing Games and the Multimedia Wife of Bath Project (Daniel-Raymond Nadon, Kent State Univ.)

Saturday—May 14, 2016—Noon—Fetzer 2016

Business Meeting and Reception with Cash Bar

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